updated  16 may 2024





1.1 Behavior

GM's are expected to have fun..... be involved etc etc..


    1.2 Responsibilities

GM's are expected to keep up an active role with their team and league.

This includes:

- making line changes when players get injured or suspended

- signing players and/or coaches

- becoming actively involved in the Entry Draft

- upgrading team facilities

- offering feedback or voting

- writing short articles after completing a trade


If a GM is unable to perform his/her duties for a period of time due to personal

reasons, they should inform the Commissioner so arrangements can be made

to watch over their team during their absence.


1.3 Submitting Changes

Line changes are made with the Editor that is provided. Changes should be

sent attached to an email with the Subject heading that includes the teams

nickname and content (eg Flames lines)




        The files that should be submitted can be found in your

"c:\coach editor" folder and are named:





1.4 Trading

If trade offers or inquiries about players are received it is expected that GM's

respond in a kind and prompt manner even if they aren't interested in dealing

or have no interest in the offer.


1.5 Reports

During the season GM's are welcome to submit short write-ups about their

team, whether it be about certain players or how the team is doing or a

remark about a trade they are making. These remarks will be posted in the

Breakaway email releases or on a page at the website.








    3.2 Seasons



        3.2.2. Regular Season

Teams will play through an 84 games schedule with 42 of those games on

the road and 42 on home ice.

            This is the season that will determine which teams qualify for Playoffs so all

these games count towards the overall standings. Two points are awarded

for a win, one point for a tie and zero for a loss.... unless we decide on a shootout format then nevermind..




3.2.4 Playoffs

Playoff qualification will be the top 8 teams in each conference ranked 1-8 by

points order. Each series below is the best-out-of-7.


not so much....  top 16 teams  as of this year



               Quarter Finals

- 1st place versus 8th place

- 2nd place versus 7th place

- 3rd place versus 6th place

- 4th place versus 5th place



- highest standing team versus lowest advancing from the quarter finals

- next highest versus next lowest etc...


Conference Final

- in each conference the two remaining teams face each other; the higher

standing team gets home ice advantage



-  last 2 teams standin....


        3.2.5 Off-Season

During this period of time teams will re-sign players and coaches who have

completed contracts and make improvements to their Arenas. The Entry

Draft will also take place.


3.3 Games


3.3.1 Schedule

Teams will play roughly 3-4 times per week and only once per day when

games are scheduled...


...sundays will be rest days  (unless S screws up.... )



        3.3.2 Overtime

If a game is tied after the regulation 60 minutes, a 5 minute overtime period

will be played in an attempt to break the tie.


...then the shootout....


- changed to 3-3 from 4-4 at Season 5....



    3.4 Daily Process

The process of events on scheduled game days is as follows, times are subject

to change: line and roster changes are processed shortly after 0800 hours, at

this time they are verified along with salary caps, Entry Level contracts,

available players on the Injured/Reserve rosters. The games for the day are

then simulated and summaries are uploaded to the website as are the statistic

and information pages, this is normally done by noon. Any pending player

transactions (trades, signings, releases) are processed and the data files for the

Editor are updated and sent to the website and GM's who were involved in any



On days when no games are scheduled during the Pre-Season, Regular season

or Playoffs the process of events will only include any pending player

transactions (trades, signings, or releases.)




4.1 Rosters

Each team is made up of a Pro, Farm and Practice Roster. Teams can have a

minimum of 52 and maximum of 66 players in total (all rosters combined.)


... changed to 52/66 for 2020/21 season  



        4.1.1 Pro Roster

During the Regular season teams can have 26* players on their Pro roster

and during Pre-season and Playoffs they can have up to 26. A minimum of

4 centers, 4 left-wing, 4 right-wing, 6 defensemen and 2 goalies is required

for each game.


*If a team has injured or suspended players then they do not have to carry

the required number of players on either the Pro or Farm rosters.


Players with an Entry Level contract can only appear on the Pro Roster until

Game 18 of the Regular season; from Game 19 through to the end of Playoffs

they are not eligible.

During the Playoffs, only players with a Pro Contract are eligible to appear on

the roster.

4.1.2 Farm Roster

The requirements are the same as those on the Pro roster.


Teams cannot assign a player who has a value of 80 or higher to this roster

during the Pre-season, Regular season or Playoffs.


During the Playoffs players with an Entry Level contract are eligible to appear

as are players with a Pro contract who have played a minimum of 21 games (or

12 appearances for goalies)


4.1.3 Practice Roster


       4.1.4 Injured/Reserve Roster



    4.2 Line-Ups


4.2.1 Format

A teams line-up will consist of 20 players from either the Pro roster or Farm

roster depending on which lines are being made. Of this 20, 4 need to be

centers, 4 left-wing, 4 right-wing, 6 defensemen and 2 goalies. You must also

name a captain and two assistants.

Using these 20 players GM's will make a line-up using the Editor for each of

the following game situations:


- 4 5on5 forward trios (Lw-C-Rw)

- 3 5on5 defense pairings (D-D)

- 2 4on4 units (W-C-D-D)

- 2 Power play units (Lw-C-Rw-D-D)

- 2 4on5 units (W-C-D-D)

- 2 3on5 units (C-D-D)

- 1 Starting Goalie and 1 Backup Goalie (only goalies can start/backup)

- 1 captain and 2 assistants (all players on the Game roster are eligible to be

named captain or an assistant.)


On the 5on5 situations players must appear in their designated position while

for other situations players can be assigned freely but note that players who

play out of position may not play up to expectations.



- 3 on 3 OT format added  at Season 5.....


4.2.2 Goaltenders

During the Regular season goalies can only start in a maximum number of

games total and can only start a maximum consecutively before they get

overly fatigued and are forced to sit out and rest. The maximum number of

games is determined by their Fatigue rating.


..... 62/22 split.. however you get there...




Games a goalie starts during the Regular season count while games when a goalie

comes into the game as relief or an injury replacement do not count.


Goalies who reach the maximum are automatically benched by the Sim even

if they have been named as the Starter for a game, the back-up goalie will then

start the game.... not so much so please keep an eye out...


4.2.3 Injuries

Injuries can occur from the Pre-season right through to the end of the

Playoffs. Players can be out for as short a time as one day and miss no

games or they can be out of action for a few months.


... or the season as we have found out....





        4.2.4 Suspensions

There are two ways a player can get suspended


- gross misconduct: players will receive a gross misconduct penalty during

the course of a game if they have been deemed as 'intending to injure' an

opposing player. Getting this penalty comes with an automatic 1-game

suspension. In cases when a player is injured due to the penalty and will

be out for a period of time, the offending player will be suspended for an

additional period of time equaling that of half the games the injured player is

estimated to miss.


- accumulation of misconduct penalties: a running total of misconduct

penalties is kept from game one of the Regular season through to the

end of the Playoffs. When a player has received two misconduct

penalties he is automatically suspended for 2-games. For every two

misconducts after the initial two, a game is added to the suspension




.... have also seen 3 fights in a game draw suspensions ...



....  SIM controls ALL suspensions... I do not adjust...


    4.3 Arenas

All teams will begin with a Type 3 arena for the Pro team and a Type 4 arena for

the Farm team. Teams can add seats to their arenas in the Off-season as well as

buy new arenas which allow for further expansion and revenue potential.





        5.1.1 Gate (Arena Attendance)

For each home game teams play they will collect revenue from ticket sales

and concessions. Attendance is based on performance.


......The ticket prices can be set on the client as you see fit...............


        5.1.5 Bonuses

When the team accomplishes goals or the GM wins honors the team gets a

bonus. Farm bonuses are half of those listed below.


- GM of the Year: 1,000,000

- Division Title: 250,000

- Presidents Trophy: 500,000

- Playoff appearance: 200,000

- Division Champion: 750,000

- Conference Champion: 2,000,000

- League Champion: 5,000,000



    5.3 Arena Upgrades


...seats can be added....  this is how its structured below.....




Level 1:         6000 - $100 - 0 - 0.00%

Level 2:         5000 - $60 - 0 - 0.00%

Level 3:         2000 - $35 - 0 - 0.00%

Level 4:         4000 - $25 - 0 - 0.00%

Luxury:          1000 - $200 - 0 - 0.00%

Total Attendance :            18000


Farm Level 1:          2000 - $35 - 0 - 0.00%

Farm Level 2:          1000 - $15 - 0 - 0.00%

Farm Total Attendance :             3000




****  so... ticket prices are auto set at 100-60-35-25-200 for Pro level...less at Farm level.....   each GM can charge whatever they wish for their seats.....  fans will pay more for a winnin product, and will pay more durin the playoffs...


cost to add seats is 10K per seat....  the SIM will NOT allow  certain seat adjustments... such as overcrowdin of certain sections...not all monies can go into luxury boxes....  level 2 cannot have more seats than level 1... level 4 cannot have more seats than level 2 etc...  


these stadiums are massive....  looks like they can hold a shitload of fans....    mo fans mo money  :)








below isn't a factor atm.....


        5.3.1 Type "4" Arena

This is the only arena available to Farm teams. Its maximum capacity is

10,000 seats and starts out with 5,000 seats.


5.3.2 Type "3" Arena

The maximum capacity is 17,500 seats. The capacity begins at 14,000 seats.


5.3.3 Type "2" Arena

The maximum capacity is 21,500 seats and starts off with 18,000. When a

team has completed a season in this building they can then buy the

Type "1" arena. It will take one full season to build this arena.


Cost to build: 180,000,000 pucks


5.3.4 Type "1" Arena

The maximum capacity is 26,000 seats and starts off with 22,000 when first

constructed. It will take one full season to build this arena.


Cost to build: 225,000,000 pucks


5.3.5 Renaming

The cost to rename either arena is based on capacity. The formula is seats

X 100.


If you should build a new arena you can name the new one without any

additional renaming costs.


The renaming costs are waived for new GM's.


5.4 Salary Caps / Floor


blah blah...stay around the cap pls  :).


The team salary cap for the 2023/24 season is: 45,000,000 pucks.

The team salary floor for the 2023/24 season is:  15,000,000 pucks.

The farm team salary cap for the 2023/24 season is:  3,200,000 pucks.






6.1 Pro Contracts

During the closed market (which will happen after the new rosters are released)

teams will be able to re-sign up to ....  half, rounded down...of combined ufas and rfas

 who have just finished a Pro

contract and have a rating over 58. A team can re-sign all of its players who are

under age 25 with a rating under 58..... plus all ELs.....  Players with a rating under 58 and are aged

25 or higher (or 26+ for goalies) are made Unrestricted free-agents and rights are

lost; they can be re-signed when the open market begins.


Players who are not re-signed will become, in most cases, Restricted Free-Agents,

so teams will continue to hold their rights (these rights can be traded.) In some

cases these players will become Unrestricted Free Agents and rights are lost.


In order to re-sign a player during the closed market teams must honour a qualifying

salary which is based on the current salary compared to the average salary of players

within the same value group and the new contracts length. Players can be signed

for 1-5 years.


Qualifying Salary Table for Players Over the Average Salary:


1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years

145% 140% 135% 130% 125%


Example: If you have a player with a salary of 1,500,000 and you want to

re-sign him to a 3-year deal, his salary will be 1,725,000 per season.


Qualifying Salary Table for Players Over Double the Average Salary:


1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years

80% 85% 90% n/a n/a


This salary reduction can be used on only one player, provided he is not the

top scoring player at his position on the team. Using this option will count

as two signings.


Qualifying Salary Table for Players Under the Average Salary:


1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years

225% 200% 175% 160% 140%


Qualifying Salary Table for Players Under 50% of the Average Salary:


1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years

325% 300% 285% 275% 250%


Players who become Restricted Free-Agents will demand a higher salary on the

open market than they would had they been signed during the closed market.

If they remain unsigned they will drop their salary demand on a weekly basis by

roughly 5-6%. Once the demand gets to 75% of their previous salary or to the

minimum, either for their value or the league minimum, they will become an

Unrestricted Free-Agent and the team loses their rights (if a player is of retirement

age he will retire instead of becoming an Unrestricted Free-Agent or if a player is

under 25 years old (or 26 for a goalie) they will become inactive for the rest of the





Average Salaries (determined after re-ranks and includes players who have a

Pro contract or have completed a Pro or Entry Level contract):


80+ values:  2,200,000

  69-79 values:  1,500,000

  58-68 values: 700,000

  < 58 values:  500,000


    6.1.1 Contract Extensions

From game 65 through to game 84 teams can choose to extend up to three

Pro contracts that have one year remaining and one Pro Contract that has

2-5 years remaining. A team must meet a qualifying salary, see charts below.

A salary cannot be lowered. The extension can be for 1-5 years and there is a

15% signing bonus based on the entire salary (years X salary.)


        ......  the NTC will no longer be offered...


          Qualifying Salary Table for Players Over the Average Salary:


1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years

150% 140% 130% 125% 120%


Qualifying Salary Table for Players Under the Average Salary:


1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years

225% 200% 175% 160% 140%


Qualifying Salary Table for Players Under 50% of the Average Salary:


1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years

325% 300% 285% 275% 250%


6.2 Entry Level Contracts

Players who are drafted via the Entry Draft automatically receive this

contract and are signed for up to 3 years, the number of years depending on

their age and the salary depending on what round they taken in.


Length of Contract:


Player Age Length Goalie Age Length

18-22 3 18-23 3

23+ 2 24 2

24 1 25 1




Round Salary

1 900,000

2 800,000

3 700,000

4 600,000

5 500,000



A player will forfeit this contract under either of the following circumstances and

at which time they must be signed to a Pro Contract or be released.


- plays 25 Regular season games (career) in the Pro league

- plays 10 Regular season games (season) in the Pro league

- turning age 25 (or 26 for goalies)


A team can sign these players to a Pro contract prior to the Entry Level contract

finishing its term and may do this at anytime during the Off-season, Pre-season

or prior to game 19 of the Regular season. From game 19 through to the end

of the Regular season they can be signed to a Pro Contract but at a 150% increase

to their salary (current salary X 150%). They are ineligible to be signed during

the Playoffs.


When appearing on the Pro roster during the Regular season, these players

are paid at a rate that is double their actual salary.


From the end of the Playoffs to one week prior to the Entry Draft, teams will

have an opportunity to sign any and all of their players to a Pro contract who

have completed an Entry Level contract. The salary remains the same as there

is no qualifying salary in this situation. Players who are not signed by the

above deadline will become an Unrestricted Free-Agent or if they are still under-

age then they will re-enter the Entry Draft.


6.3 Salaries

Player salaries are paid out on a game-to-game basis during the Regular

season only and they are paid even if a player is benched, injured, suspended

or assigned to the Practice roster.

.....  league minimum salary 500,000....... all current under 500K contracts will be honored and adjusted at resignin time...


* some players make less now... will be adjusted next contract...



    6.6 Free-Agents

There are two types of Free-Agent.


6.6.1 Unrestricted

A player who doesn't have his rights owned and is 25/26 years or older.


6.6.2 Restricted

A player who has his rights owned, is either 25/26 years or older and has a

value greater than 56; or is under 25/26 years old . Restricted free-agents

remain with this status until their salary demand gets to 75% of their previous

salary at which time they become an Unrestricted free-agent.

Restricted free-agents occupy a spot on a team's roster (they are auto-

matically assigned to the Injury/Reserve roster) but they do not count

against the salary cap while they remain unsigned.


6.7 Aging


simonT ages players on their actual b-day....


    6.8 Retirement

The initial retirement age is 36. There are two stages to retiring players; the

first takes place in the off-season prior to re-ranks taking place, teams may

choose to retire a player who has been with their team from the very

beginning of the Regular season and who has at least 160 career pro games

played in the league (40 career pro games for goalies).



OK  ....never liked this.... if you own a player over 36 at the end of his contract and wanna let him retire,    go ahead... period... .its your team....





  The second stage

takes place during the Open Market, a player of retirement age will choose to

retire instead of becoming an Unrestricted Free Agent. During the year if a

player is released from a team and he has reached retirement age, he will

retire upon his release.


At the age of 46 a player will be forced into retirement and teams will not be

allowed to sign players to a contract that would take them beyond this age.



..unassigned players will be retired at age 36....





6.9 League Roster

New players will be added to the league roster after each season in order to

replace retiring players and to make sure the future talent pool is well stocked.

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7.3 Re-Ranking

Players are re-rated after each season based only on their Regular season

performance for either the Pro or Farm team. Pro performance carries much

more weight and therefore potential for players to gain a higher overall value.

Skaters under 25 years old and goalies under 26 years old will also get their

NHL experience factored into the equation.



****    simonT ages the players on their actual b-day....  players that begin the season (usually first monday in Oct) age 24/goalies 25... will  be eligible for their final rerank,

 and not penalized for passin the age barrier durin the season..... Simon set the b-day business, not COACH....



****added 16 may 2024


16 may 2024 update.....  this rule looks like it will be updated... 3) Goalies with 80+ rank (starters) are expected to have near 30 wins/3.00 gaa/.900 sv pct to maintain rank... backup goalies are based on what they do... a .500 record will keep their rank is the standard...... we will find new stats that are to be the 'norm'... expect somethin close to league averages from this previous season....  (rough guess would be somethin like 3.25 - 3.50 GAA  .875 sv pct or in that area ...)



22 MAY 2023 UPDATE...  below is the general guidelines that ive used so will simply send the usual note as very little changes with the rerank process... scorin up a tick and fightin as usual goes down a tick... weve lowered the fightin 6-7-8 years or so .... its been brought up that since we draft a year behind we look at possible changes to affect the newly drafted kids... but it wont be implemented this year... but well discuss it... releasin/retirin old/over age guys to free up a spot for a kid may increase the rank of the kid a bit... (check salary cap for cap space also)...  as we have been adjustin all salaries the last few years well up the cap a lil more than the usual 1M/100K this year....note me if needed... k







...  i always do pro 1st then farm ..sometimes a 'farmer' gets called up and i miss him when i do farm etc or vice versa......  then ill ask for ya to send in guys i missed as i always do... eyes get buggy/brain gets foggy /plenty of excuses... please keep in mind its tough to rerank a guy when they dont play so kindly eyeball yer team 1st...  lastly to save some time i only skimmed over the usual 'depth/dummies' and largely ignored all players under rank 60 this season age 22+ ... if they are still rank 57-58 or so and age 22-23 ish theyll most likely be in unassigned when their contracts run out... if i miss a kid please say so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ill be happy to eyeball....  nothin new below this.....



 copied this from  2017  file... 



sim does auto rerank..... then I go over  teams players and  roster.....
I pay particular attention to:
1) players under 25 ( guys with reranks left ....)  check with nhl stats etc....  coach stats... draft picked etc... some guys are easier than others needless 2 say..... (remember I always use syd Crosby in my examples)....  a guy like Crosby would get a good rerank as he was  a 1st round pick in nhl and coach draft.... others I hafta eyeball... havin a huge farm season not always means a big rerank as farm easier 2 get goals-points-scorin as you can see.....
2) stars.... stars that have big seasons usually don't change much... a point up or so..(unless they also get the nhl rank with it).. stars that have ok seasons mebbe a point down or so.....  stars that have lousy seasons drop a bit more.... 


-rough guideline is as follows...

1) Forwards ranked 80+ need 1 point per game to keep their rank.. (or close.. a big +/- or bein EL still will help if slightly under...)

2) D men with 80+ rank need about .5 points a game and again a solid plus or EL eligibility are accounted for...

3) Goalies with 80+ rank (starters) are expected to have near 30 wins/3.00 gaa/.900 sv pct to maintain rank... backup goalies are based on what they do... a .500 record will keep their rank is the standard...


3) age...  at the initial age 36 of retirement, if players start 2 suffer in performance they will get hit harder by me .... also, the kids at an early age that do very well will get a bigger bump .....
... I set the min-max at 10 point swing in the sim at the beginning of new COACH and haven't changed it.... so no player can climb-drop more than that in 1 year..... 
4) positions....  if a team has 200 goalies they wont all get reranked as much as if they only had 4 or 5... just as sean used 2 do.....  I always said I would try  2 keep COACH as close 2 the old ways as possible....  and im tryin to....
5) time played...  guys that don't play...even EL guys... even top draft picks.... wont get as good a bump if they don't play the previous year  in COACH......  but some gms draft a guy... and he rides the bench the entire season until his rank goes up..... he gets a bit of a bump because he is under 25 and in the nhl if he is..i dont judge how we all manage our teams.... but I don't help out if he doesn't play in COACH.. ITS TOUGH TO RANK A GUY THAT DOESNT PLAY.....  I try 2 follo the guidelines as much as possible in this area.....  never liked a lot of seans rules-guidelines..... but reranks seemed very fair 2 me....
6)  stats.....  snipers get a bump in scorin or shootin...etc...playmakers in passin etc.... that sorta thing...  tough guys in aggression...
7) I just skim over the  depth guys.... they don't usually change much from year 2 year..... big seasons will get a bump but not many depth guys have big seasons.... i do look at team leaders...
then I post a note sayin if I missed anything lemme know....  as I usually miss a few  :)

SIM ranks all coaches and i do NOT adjust... and unnasigned I just quickly eyeball... mostly for guys that were in the nhl..... League winner gets to create 3 new coaches from this seasons retired players








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8.1 Hiring

   .......   fire the coach you have..... go 2 the list and pick a new 1.....  :)


* please send in fired coach name and new coach name from list....


8.2 Contracts

All coaches can be signed for 1-5 years. Salaries are based on their ratings so

a higher rated coach will usually want more money than a lower rated one and

Farm coaches will normally earn less than a Pro coach as will assistants.

When re-hiring a coach a team must pay a qualifying salary in order to retain


1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years

140% 130% 120% 115%

Example: A teams coach has completed his contract which paid him 400,000

pucks/year; the qualifying salary should the team want to sign him to a new

2-year deal would be 520,000/year.





8.8 Retirement

The retirement age is 65 but a team can retain them beyond this age provided

they keep them under contract. Once they are fired or not re-signed after a

contract expires and they are of retirement age they will retire immediately.... (when noticed) 🙂  At

the end of the Regular season all un-hired coaches who are of retirement age

will retire.

At the age of 70 a coach will be forced into retirement and teams will not be

allowed to sign players to a contract that would take them beyond this age.


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9.1 Entry Draft

9.1.1 When?

This draft will be held at some point during the Off-season and teams will be

given at least two weeks notice in order to prepare.

If its not possible to hold a live draft, it will be conducted via a "wish list"

submission method via email.

9.1.2 Rounds

There are 5 rounds in total and the order for the first round will be partially

determined by a lottery, while rounds 2-5 will be in inverse order of the

Regular season standings.

There is a small chance that players taken in Rounds One and/or Two might

be re-rated prior to the beginning of the season. The Sim will determine if

this happens or not and to how many players it happens to so teams will be

contacted after the Draft if their players have been re-rated. This makes

picks in Rounds One-Two a bit more valuable to hang on to.

9.1.3 Lottery

The bottom 5 teams  are the only teams involved.

The drawing is weighted to give the worst standing team the greatest

chance to win with a 35% chance. The other 4 teams have an 25, 18, 14,

and 8% chance to win respectively.

The winner of the lottery can move up the first round draft order by up to 4

positions while teams can only fall back by 1.


Draft Pick EL Salary

Round - 


1- 900,000

2- 800,000

3- 700,000

4- 600,000

5- 500,000




9.2 Trades

A team can trade players, players rights (unsigned players), draft picks (within

the next two drafts), future considerations and pucks.

Players report to the same roster they came off of (if a player was on the Pro

Roster of the previous team, he'll report to the Pro on the new team)

When a team trades away a player within 4 weeks of the trade deadline they

cannot get that player back on their team within one calendar year through any



A team can make a trade through most parts of the Off-season, Pre-season

and Regular season. The Commissioner will make mention of when it is legal

to trade.

The trade deadline occurs when its posted at the beginning of the season..... itll be on the schedule....and on the site....



... 2 team GMs cannot send their other team a draft pick by any means..... : trade, FA, futures, etc...

9.2.1 Approval Process

 unless ridiculous, all trades will go thru....

9.2.2 Trade Review

            ...see above....

9.2.3 Future Considerations

If a team trades futures they must honor them before the next Pre-season

begins unless a trade is being made in the Off-season in which case they

have until prior to the following Pre-season to honor them. If there are any

conflicts it will be up to the Trade Committee to settle them.


9.3.1 Signing Process



... this changed a lil bit due 2 switchover.....





- GMs send in offers on any player you like.. Name, Salary, Years... ill post em in the following days Breakaway.... there will be a 48 hour window, followed by a 24 hour window, then a closed window..... if only 1 bidder on a certain player, he will report to that team


- if more than 1 bidder makes it to the closed bid, I will send all parties a note askin for a final bid... HI SALARY ALWAYS WINS


- after you see a player is posted, and you also wish to express interest, simply send in a note expressin interest, no need for a bid at that moment as ill ask for a 2nd bid at the closed window....



   - reminder farm players earn 10% of what their salary lists while they play on the farm... example player makes 250K, he makes 25K while playin on the farm... full 250K when he goes to the Pros..... however, after the certain maxed games on the pros (20 or 25) his salary becomes the full 250k on the farm....  this is where the farm cap can get tricky so keep an eye out as it will be enforced....(a lil leeway will be allowed for injuries-suspensions)



- If you are the winner of a bid, and another team has that player, (as ALL players rights are still owned by their riginal team until released, signed or until Open Market is complete) ... compensation may be required....below is a chart... based on players rank.... any questions send me a note BEFORE biddin if unsure please...



****  Also note ALL teams have the right to MATCH any offer, or accept the compensation.....and also bid on their own players.....


- ALL unsigned players will be automatically released into the unassigned pool after the Open Market ....



 80+       ONE  1st round picks

75-79    ONE 2nd round pick

70-74    ONE 3rd round pick

65-69    One 5th round pick


9.3.2 League Average Salaries

            This is what salaries are based on for determining new contracts....

Value Salary


80+ values: 2,200,000

69-79 values: 1,000,000

58-68 values: 700,000

< 58 values: 500,000

9.3.3 Restricted Free-Agents

When "winning" offers are made to Restricted Free-Agents that offer can be

matched by the team that owns his rights or they can opt for Compensation

as outlined and they have 48 hours to make a choice.

Compensation Table:

ok... this seemed excessive.... its been altered.....

Salary Compensation

 80+       ONE  1st round picks

75-79    ONE 2nd round pick

70-74    ONE 3rd round pick

65-69    One 5th round pick


            ... picks from either of the next two (2) draft years... to be decided between the two (2) parties.... if unable to, the commish will decide....  if a winnin team does not posses that pick, they will move UP a pick (3rd to 2nd for ex...) so pay attention before you bid   :)

9.4 Waivers

There are two ways a player can be placed on Waivers and there is a 15,000

puck compensation fee to claim a player off waivers, this fee is paid to the

players former team. Teams claiming players off waivers must honor the salary

and contract the player has.


.....yea I don't bother with all these fees....


- if a 2 team GM puts in a claim against their other team, their claim moves to the bottom of the claim order, regardless of standing... in other words, they will only receive the claim if no other team puts in a claim against any player....


9.4.2 Demotion

When players are re-assigned from the Pro roster to Farm or Practice roster

during the Regular season or Playoffs they might be required to clear

waivers. Players exempt from having to clear waivers are: skaters under

the age of 25 and goalies under 26. Players are placed on the Waivers for

only 24 hours and the same procedure is used as in Section 9.4.1


Rookies do not have to clear waivers.

Players claimed by this means must be assigned to the Pro roster.

9.5 Releasing Players

A team can release a player at just about any point during the year except

during times when rosters have been frozen by the Commissioner. There is

a twofold penalty to release a player: 1) the cost is 65% of his remaining

contract which comes off the teams budget,



   A team cannot release a player who is injured or suspended.



...  a player that is age 36 or older and released will retire....

If a team releases a Restricted Free-Agent, there is no financial or cap penalty,

they simply give up the rights to that player.